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 ====== Things I do in LaTeX which may need justifying to co-authors ====== ====== Things I do in LaTeX which may need justifying to co-authors ======
 +Quick things: 
 +  * In a hand-marked-up PDF, a tilde at the end of a line indicates a "tie", to keep characters bound to the word that precedes them, see https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/9633/why-should-i-put-a-before-ref-or-cite
 +  * It is useful for version control to issue a soft newline after each full stop. 
 +  * Avoid elegant variation https://www.bartleby.com/116/302.html
 ====== All one file ====== ====== All one file ======
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 ====== Misc stuff to paste in the top ====== ====== Misc stuff to paste in the top ======
 <code> <code>
 +%!TEX root = ../paper.tex
 % -*- compile-command: "texify --pdf -V --quiet main.tex" -*- % -*- compile-command: "texify --pdf -V --quiet main.tex" -*-
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 </code> </code>
 +And see http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/~aty/bibliog/latex/floats.html
 +% Twocolumn marginpar, e.g. for CVPR/ICCV
 +\marginpar[~\hspace{-12mm}\parbox{16mm}{\tiny \textcolor{blue}{#1:#2}}]%
 +{~\hspace{-4mm}~\parbox[t]{20mm}{\tiny \textcolor{blue}{#1: #2}}}}
 +\def\awf#1{\textcolor{red}{\!\scriptsize $^\bullet\!$}%
 +{\rotatebox{90}{\parbox{5cm}{\textcolor{red}{\scriptsize $\bullet$ #1}}}}}%
 +====== Picture with label in circle ======
 +<code tex>
 +\node (pic) {#1};
 +\path[fill=white,draw=gray,thick] (pic.south west) +(3ex,3ex) circle (2ex)
 +   node {#2};
 +====== Two pictures with same height, forcing total width ======
 +<code TeX>
 +% \awfTwoPicsSameHeight{WIDTH}{PIC1}{PIC2}
 +% Make two pictures of different aspect ratio sit neatly in a box of width WIDTH
 +\setlength{\awfpicH}{0.25\linewidth} % an initial guess...
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